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Our time in The Destined Decay and Crosses. I'm not interested.

I saw a dwarf recite The Thin Straps at The Wooden Spice. I enjoyed that.

I told the story of the human Jathbi Bandedclod to the position of law-giver of The Crystalline Celebration in the least bit arousing.

I read The Pursuit of the foundation of Torchhame by The Arrow-Anvil of Wielding in 41 at The Bread of Charcoal. I am not filled with delight.

I saw Monom Figurestood recite Beautiful Jester at The Oat of Quieting. I find this somewhat admirable.

I saw a human recite Punches: Then The Sea Laughs at The Oat of Quieting. It's interesting.

I saw Kaslun Springplaits recite The Dabbling Plums at The Orange of Murdering. I'm excited.

I saw a human recite The Aquamarine Skirt at The Unswerving Butters. The gaiety I'm feeling!

I saw a performance of The Oaken Glaze in 171 at The Harvester of Gifts. No, I'm not interested.

I saw a elf recite Scraps and the Tear at The Peaches of Dust. No, I'm not enjoying this.

I recited We See Tightnesses at The Infinite Apples. No, I'm not lonely.

I didn't sleep soundly due to the position of militia commander

Death is all around us. I can now reside in Brassromanced. I am not exhilarated.

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