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pronouns: any pronouns other than the ones you use

@monorail @hoppet do you think I can recruit Holly Conrad to the guild

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reminder that my dating site is still up and it's free to use it

shattering my clones to gain Distortion in order to become immune to propaganda (4 seconds)

While waiting to fight Giant Enemy Crab, someone said that the new Shimmerwing Skyscale's wings were "gay butterfly wings".

And then a few people who had no idea what they were talking about got confused and said things like "I don't think wings have any specific sexual preference" and "my wings are cis-gendered".

So I took it upon myself to point out that "gay" just means "happy". And then three people immediately announced that they were gay.

I'm not sure exactly what happened next, but it was this:


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Guild Wars 2 spoilers 

Guild Wars 2 spoilers 

I don't understand the term "straight pride".

The "straight man" in a comedy skit is the person who doesn't understand that any jokes are happening and isn't having any fun.

Why would you be proud to not be having any fun?

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casting spells in the morning: I use my amulet
casting spells in the afternoon: I use my pmulet

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free speech sounds boring. how about i feel an electric shock

finding something and then continuing to look for it just to spite the people who say "it's always in the last place you look"

Hey, are you thinking about making a game based on another game that's popular?


Seriously, don't do that.

Remember that game idea you had? The one you keep thinking about and dismissing because it'd only be of any interest to you?

Make that game.

That's the game that will be popular.

People who want to shoot things or play card games or drive cars? There are tons of games for those people.

Games that only interest you and nobody else? You'd be surprised how many people are waiting for one of those to come along.

saw a guild named PV and was disappointed that it wasn't PlayVicious

To the warrior who just finished me off inside Yasmi's lamp and then ran out, seemingly avoiding capturing it: I think you got your "do" and "don't do" cards swapped.


It's my birthday in a week and I have zero emotions about this

just, like, no feelings whatsoever related to passing an integer number of years

When someone changes their pronouns, it's like when someone changes their hair color.

  • It's the same hair, it just looks different.
  • Acting like there was no change is weird, but only really a problem if you try to convince someone that they're wrong about their own hair color.
  • Hair colors aren't tied to specific genders.
  • You're not required to talk about hair color at all if you don't want to.
  • Millenials have more of them than older generations, but there were never only two.
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