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ask me a question and I'll give you an answer*

*answer may or may not be related to question

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It is dark and you are likely to be eaten by a @ben gruebar

best guild wars 2 character

upgrading my mp4 player to an md4 player

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I talked to my spouse. Arousing...

— Bomrek Fikodrungak, Cheese Maker

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I'm an aspiring artist. I've never made an art, but I hope to figure out how to do it some day.

you know that "how many likes = questions you answer💕" thing?

I was going to make one for Guild Wars 2 facts

consider this your warning

the art of writing an accurate content warning that doesn't spoil the joke

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Your gender and pronouns can be called literally anything. Why are we restricting ourselves to what cis people invented?

You can call your gender Maurice and your pronouns can be the number forty seven and a picture of a squirrel. They're still your gender and your pronouns. You haven't changed what they mean, but maybe people will guess incorrectly less often.

Do you think cis people would understand gender better if we stopped using the same two gender names they're convinced always mean exactly the same thing no matter who uses them?

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people in the Fediverse: ha ha Ben lubar knows a lot about Guild Wars 2

people from the Fediverse who have played Guild Wars 2 with me: I greatly underestimated Ben Lubar's obsession with Guild Wars 2 facts

it's a beautiful day outside
birds are singing
flowers are blooming
on days like these
kids like you

should be asleep what the hell it's 3:20 AM go the fuck to sleep ben

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gender: sand witch
occupation: sand witch

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