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I know we're not supposed to screenshot dunk but goddamn this is a bad take


Roleski has posted the ambient dialogue from the communism zone:

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pc: i/o error, disk full
me: INCORRECT, TECHNICALLY my solid state drive contains not a single disk-shaped part; I will be informing mr linux of your behaviour's

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@ben if you turn out it be an ArenaNet dev I'm unfollowing u

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@lynnesbian write in "what is my real password:" and reuse the one it rejected

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@ben wait you work on the daily wtf? my favorite way to waste time at work that isn't mastodon and discord?

i feel like we went over this once but i forgot somehow lmao

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inhaled a monsanto seed while working on the farm and i just took a shit that broke like four copyright laws

Current TAS progress (with the new category of all pink credits, all bosses)

image cw: Undertale/Deltarune

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gonna follow the and hashtags because that's where all the good shitposts are

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I do not want to hear about how ugly you think a billionaire is.
I hate billionaires too, but I’m never going to wanna hear that someone we both hate is ugly. Never.

The ‘beauty is good, ugly is bad’ thing is always always absolutely terrible.

It feeds the idea that our self-worth is connected to what we look like and no amount of ‘body positivity’ is worth shit if we continue to pull this crap just because we wanna joke about someone we hate.

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procedural object oriented programming languages are shit

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I'm the dumbass who manually adds "re" to CWs that I'm responding to. I do this for two reasons:

- while I'm responding to something about [CW], I myself may not be talking about [CW]
- I'm one of those losers who likes the idea of keeping up with internet friends with emails and misses the commonality of RSS feeds

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