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the entire corpus every time someone says "liberty" immediately say "oh, so you're some kind of machine that eats data and poops sadness

a video game where the objective is to exit the video game and it has vim keybindings by default

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new product idea

unsweetened sugar

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psyche goes to his computer. He smirks and posts the following: "colby is a holiday for idiots

My favorite game to play is taking a really bad statement out of context and then trying to figure out a context in which the statement would be reasonable.

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the stove is really hot for some reason and i just can’t put my finger on it

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*gets more than 50 boosts on a post*

That was frame perfect trick by the way.

Major Guild Wars 2 spoilers - avoid this post if you plan on ever playing the "All or Nothing" episode. Show more

using the ffmpeg delogo filter to remove the crosshair

Microsoft: "hey, while you're updating Visual Studio, mind taking a quick survey?"

me: okay, sure

[fills out page 1 of survey and clicks "Next"]

[survey refreshes page 1]

me: [looks at URL]


@BestGirlGrace this probably won't make any sense to you if you don't play GW2, but:

Best Junundu Grace

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go juice is of course the fuel you put into the golang compiler

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Guild Wars 2 latest content spoilers Show more

what idiot called it refrigeration and not heat yeeting

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