@monorail send me your account (name with four digits) or character name and I'll invite you to the guild

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I can't understand what you're saying most of the time. It's like you're from another world.

A world like Arborstone, Augury Rock, Fort Ranik, Jade Sea, or Vizunah Square.


I still don't know what your avatar is a picture of

@petra kinda like how pulseaudio is the best system audio software available but it's also complete shit?


I'd say roman numerals are super-serif


sure, you could own a Frank Bennedetto

but do you own a Little Johnny? or a Ramon?


have you considered not trying to play guild wars 2 next to my character who is constantly on fire

perhaps that would help with your overheating issue

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wondering how many Hollys I can get into the guild


wondering how many Hollys I can get into the guild


I didn't realize until I saw your charr that your username is, well, a name.

I had assumed it was just random letters or something.


no matter how many times I say "hi ben" to a person who is not me, my brain will not comprehend that two people can have the same first name

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