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@ben i will never respect any software that uses the term "cmdlet"

@maloki @foggy yes, Riot is Matrix.

and matterbridge can sync between any of those chat server types.

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@Ferretsyndicate software-corncobbing is my new favorite term

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my server is using up a lot of bandwidth sending posts so it's time for me to make a really bad take so I can lose some followers Show more

At this point I'm wondering if most WvW players think you can make a human baby in 3 months if you get 3 women to work together on it.

Do they think that the people who modelled and animated the new mount, made the sounds for it, and programmed the physics would be better off animating balance patches or making sounds for the upcoming alliance update?

@grainloom the first rule of the tautology club is rule 1 of the tautology club


[walks up to you, a stranger, and hands you $10]

person who is walking with me: "oh, sorry about that. I apologize. I know how terrible it is for that to happen to someone out of nowhere."

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