re: sex 

@lousycanuck @picklemaddierix I thought about rewriting this so it wasn't just a single gigantic run-on sentence.

But it seems better this way.

Guild Wars 2 spoilers, magical bigotry 

@lousycanuck @picklemaddierix someone claimed that Scarlet Briar couldn't possibly have been affected by dysphoria magic (in GW2, all magic is detrimental to the people who have it) despite both boss fights against characters who had large quantities of that type of magic included very out-of-place transmisia and both of those characters had multiple types of dysphoria, and then the final character that gets the magic and isn't affected by it is light blue with pink and white glows because Sya came out as trans so clearly she's the only trans character in the entire universe

@lousycanuck @picklemaddierix there are still people in GW2 who don't think the 6 year long story that just ended had anything to do with trans people

@picklemaddierix there need to be more RPGs where the enemies will just give up if you're too strong

@monorail yes it is

and the fact you don't immediately see the hot pink means you have not been scarred for life by this color

re: gab 

@00dani @monorail


hmm, those don't sound quite right

I'm sure there's a color...

@debugninja Docker is a method for sharing the Linux kernel between multiple operating systems

if you don't have a Linux kernel what would Docker be doing?

re: gab 

re: gab 


@lynnesbian lynne why are you doing arin hanson cosplay

@quietbecoming @JohnBrownJr spec ops: the line is probably the best example I can think of right now of a game that definitely is not fantasy

@Are0h you're describing what a centrist is

centrists are on the wrong side of every part of history because they never take a side at all

@monorail would you like to tell @hoppet that blurple is available right now?

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