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Reply to this post with an animal noise and I'll reply with the same noise but in .


the word for fucking a computer is samgle

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Someone dons a metaphorical asbestos suit to guard against flames on a topic from someone else, who disagrees with a post for a reason, not realizing that the post was meant to be sent to a third person rather than the jboste mailing list where it was posted in response to an email, whose author wishes the grammatical class used for swapping placeholders in lojban words were extended to concisely express a specific place of the verb "besto" which has some place structure and too many places because of an unspecified sadistic whim of the verb maker, who also created another unspecified verb which has a place structure, and so winds up using too many of the lojban word "zi'o" (which removes a placeholder from a verb) in order to make the word "besto" more usable by some standard and wishes they had never heard of the word besto for an unspecified reason, not realizing for another unspecified reason that it was suggested sarcastically due to the boredom of a person, who is proposing it against better judgement because it is fun by some standard, but still wishes it had as many places as the lojban word "du" (the lojban word denoting identical equality of an arbitrary number of placeholders) for yet another unspecified reason, and feels like throwing in an epistemology sumti, because he/she knows both that "besto" has its place structure defined by a run-on sentence (you can guess which one) and that epistemology sumti are used in a gismu by an epistemology, notwithstanding the fact that someone actually has a use for besto placeholders 1 through 7 and wishes this weren't an extremely long and stupid joke, longer than an unspecified joke and stupider than another unspecified joke but still appreciated by someone - a fact which says something about them in the opinion of someone else - but not seen as even remotely amusing by yet another person, who is aware that an as-yet unmentioned person has a use for the gismu besto because of a reason.



Dancing the (just read it out loud and you'll get it)

[actually useful phrases edition]


mi'e benlubar.
My name is Ben Lubar

vi ma vimku'a
Where is the toilet?

vi ma gusta
Where is a nearby place to eat?

vi ma mi ka'e sipna
Where can I sleep?

ti rupnusudu li xo
How much does it cost (in USD)?

xa ve lejykarda
Can I pay with a card?

Thank you.

You're welcome.


I am feeling shame due to having invented a new emotion.


nakso'aselcigla pinynanba
semen flatbread


ca cibdei doi lo mi nanmu
It is Wednesday, my men

ca cibdei doi lo mi prenu
It is Wednesday, my people


[important phrases that will help in your everyday life]

ko gleua li so'e lo cirla

"I want you to give the most fucks about cheese"


mi caudri lo salta

I am sad that I am not near a salad.

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It's super weird that snafu is an .u'ivla and also a snafu'ivla but the first five letters in snafu'ivla have nothing to do with snafu

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