Would you try if it was free?

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what I said: is very LGBT friendly and I want all of you to play it.

what I didn't say: there are two entire seasons of Guild Wars 2's plot where you're trying to stop a specific fediverse admin from blowing up the entire world, resulting in several major characters dying, including both of you.

who doesn't know this completely true fact (seriously, it's not a joke): ArenaNet, the company that makes Guild Wars 2.

Are you a fan of low-level story content in ?

Are you intrigued by @lynnesbian's new fascination with "earections"?

Do you want to wait thirty five hours before watching a video that I uploaded?

Then wait no longer! (except for thirty five hours)


@lynnesbian I don't think anyone wants to fuck a laptop in but there is one quest about a guy who wants to fuck his sexy robot wife (pictured below)

:gw2_chronomancer: Chronomancer accidentally used Continuum Split and erased their cleanliness from the timeline.

:gw2_thief: Thief stole the shampoo and shadowstepped out of the bathroom.

:gw2_necromancer: Necromancer tried to clean their flesh golem but it turned into a shark.

:gw2_guardian: Guardian isn't getting very clean because their :gw2_aegis: Aegis keeps procing.

:gw2_reaper: Reaper disagreed on the correct water temperature. Told them you can't take a shower in frozen water.

Can someone tell the :gw2_spellbreaker: Spellbreaker to stop full countering the soap?

We thought the :gw2_mesmer: Mesmer brought friends, but we can't find them.

:gw2_scrapper: Scrapper disassembled the shower and turned it into tiny robot drones.

:gw2_renegade: Renegade brought their entire warband. There's water everywhere.

:gw2_firebrand: Firebrand tried to convince us that reading a book is basically the same as taking a shower.

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