TIL the last three episodes of 's story have included in-world fan fiction


I've stopped asking people to play because I've found that shitposting about GW2 in order to remind people of its existence is nearly as efficient, if not more.

If your gameplay explanation video doesn't look like this, you're doing something wrong.

Q: what's the difference between and ?

A: one is a game that contains a blue metal named adamantine and also gleefully kills the player character and everyone they ever loved and has themes of leftism baked into every piece of the story and the creators support LGBT+ rights, and the other is... I forgot which game I was talking about first

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Number of times I've yelled "what the hell?! you can't do that in a video game!" at since Path of Fire came out and been wrong because they were already doing that in a video game: 4

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Here's what it looks like to kill the first raid boss in : Vale Guardian.

I'll edit and post the Gorseval fight if people are interested in seeing it.


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Frequently (never before) Asked Question: Hey Ben, why are all these characters so thin?

Answer: People in real life generally don't wear clothing that's multiple inches thick.

The characters need to be unrealistically thin so that they look normal with armor on.

PSA: Starting in a few hours, world bosses will drop an extra loot chest with an (extremely) rare chance to get items worth thousands of gold in them. This will continue all week.

I feel like people new to are scared of trying new things because they assume people will yell at them, to which I have two replies:

1. no, they won't. unless they're an asshole. but you can't stop assholes from being assholes by changing your own behavior.

2. if someone yells at you, you can just right click their name, block them, and possibly also report them for verbal abuse.

I played the highest level dungeon in the game last night with four random other people and one of them watched all the cutscenes. There were zero mentions of this in chat. We failed a puzzle several times. We just ran back to where the puzzle started and tried again a few times until we succeeded. Someone had to go AFK a few times and nobody complained.

If you join a raid group and someone asks you what your gear stats are, what they actually want to know is your stat combo. Vale Guardian is very different for someone wearing armor with Viper's stats than someone wearing Dire, Zealot, or Berserker armor. They're not going to kick you if you're wearing a set of armor you bought off the trading post for 5 gold.

And if you do get kicked by some asshole, what do you lose? Time. You lose the time it took you to enter the group. There's nothing else you're risking.

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