dril predicted Undertale AND Deltarune.

CW: out-of-context Undertale/Deltarune screenshots (probably not spoilery but avoid if you haven't played just in case), :birdsite: (but it's dril)

me: hmm, I wonder if I can shave off a frame here

Deltarune: 🙅

By the way, this is what every boss fight in the TAS looks like:

CW: Minor Undertale spoiler

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Just gonna post this interview with the voice actor for this character here.


You find some runes inscribed in the old stone wall.

Could this be the New Krytan language spoken hundreds of years ago in Tyria?

What secrets could these strange glyphs hold?

Oh, I just realized that the Tumblr people won't have seen my instance's character limit!

This must be rectified immediately!

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don't mind me, just uploading an image to see if it works without JavaScript.

Also acceptable in some rare cases:

I really like my new disclaimer animation (or whatever you would call it).

There's also some other stuff the button readout now supports that I will not be able to show off until much later in the TAS.

CW: Spoilers on the first 30 seconds of Undertale/Deltarune. Literally the first 30 seconds. Exactly 900 frames at 30 frames per second.

Redoing the entire TAS because I found out I wasted like two or three seconds at the start of Deltarune. Currently 5000 frames in. Here is a spoiler-free out-of-context screenshot to hold you over until I catch up:

me: everyone in the world is named Ben. this is a fact.


I love how the internet is such a confusing place full of confusing memes but every single person on this website can tell me which side this shark was standing on.

Guild Wars 2 and Undertale spoilers, but only for people who have played the other game. Show more

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