excited for the new CNN sequel to The Situation Room where it's a guy who throws wolves

#GuildWars2 trans pride scarf update:

still no unprompted comments, but I did find someone else wearing one

Ever wanted to pilot a mech in #GuildWars2?

That's not a camera trick, I really am that big. Those are other players below me.

I think I'll make this a thread about how to fight stuff in #GuildWars2. Let's do another dinosaur found in Auric Basin.

See that stonehead in the distance? This is another one that kills you with its face and tail. In this case, it has three attacks:

  • Charging forward, which will stun it if it hits a wall.
  • Flipping over and pounding its tail into the ground, sending out a big shockwave in front of it.
  • Biting you.

All three attacks require it to be looking at you, and the two most dangerous ones are long-range. So all we have to do is run up behind it and keep moving left or right while it tries to turn to face us, right?

Wrong. Because you missed a lot of the dinosaurs in this picture.

Don't see them? Try looking closer - they're very small.

Yes, it's pocket raptors.

Pocket raptors always travel in groups, so even though there are only two tiny raptors visible, they're moving in different directions, so there are at least twenty of them obscured by terrain between me and the stonehead. There are probably other nearby groups of them just out of view.

And while pocket raptors are tiny and don't have much health, they can still deal as much damage as a full-sized raptor.

How do you counter pocket raptors? Just be aware that they're there and stop. Fighting ten of them is probably okay. Most melee attacks hit at least three targets, so you'll have cleaned up most of them with just three swings.

Fighting thirty of them and an enemy that wants to look at you to deal the most possible damage is a death sentence.

#GuildWars2 protip:

See this smug asshole?

That's an arrowhead.

It's very big and heavy and has two attacks:

The first is rolling from side to side. This attack will knock you down for several seconds and deal a lot of damage.

The second is scooping up dirt with its pointy bone beard and tail and hurling it forward and backward. This attack deals about twenty times as much damage and is much faster and therefore harder to dodge.

If the arrowhead sees that anything might be hit by the first attack, it always uses the first attack.

Always make it use the first attack.

Combat in Guild Wars 2 isn't hard, it just requires paying attention.

Alright, it took a ton of work, but I'm finally down to one last item I need to craft Vision.

Let's see, what is that last ite-- :oh_no:


I feel like this is just someone from the fediverse's fursona.

you: hey ben did the most prestigious mount and the most prestigious weapon currently available in #GuildWars2 say "trans rights"

me: that is a very normal question for a person to ask and the answer is yes for both

While waiting to fight Giant Enemy Crab, someone said that the new Shimmerwing Skyscale's wings were "gay butterfly wings".

And then a few people who had no idea what they were talking about got confused and said things like "I don't think wings have any specific sexual preference" and "my wings are cis-gendered".

So I took it upon myself to point out that "gay" just means "happy". And then three people immediately announced that they were gay.

I'm not sure exactly what happened next, but it was this:


eye contact from Blergo 

Not sure exactly what I'm crafting, but apparently it's some sort of catgirl lure or something.


I got all the interesting materials for Vision and the Envoy armor

but that means the parts I still need are...

oh no


a bunch of shitty companies in June: yeah we support trans rights now every trans person should buy our stuff

ArenaNet in May: after six years of constant updates, here is the conclusion of PART 1 of our story arc about dysphoria magic and also here's a sword that says trans rights:

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