Hey, are you thinking about making a game based on another game that's popular?


Seriously, don't do that.

Remember that game idea you had? The one you keep thinking about and dismissing because it'd only be of any interest to you?

Make that game.

That's the game that will be popular.

People who want to shoot things or play card games or drive cars? There are tons of games for those people.

Games that only interest you and nobody else? You'd be surprised how many people are waiting for one of those to come along.

@rain @ben I think all the "cool kids" these days use Unity, because coding your own engine from scratch is ridiculous.

(I hear "Game Maker" is still a thing, but costs $39 for the entry level version now. There's also RPG Maker, which gets a bad rap because a lot of shovelware gets made with it)

@TreacherousNexus @ben I tried unity but it didn't work. maybe if i had a newer computer.

@rain @ben That's true.

The only other thing I can think of with a low barrier to entry is "PyGame", but that's really geared more towards teaching teenagers to code.

@TreacherousNexus @rain @ben whaaat about #Love2D and #Godot?
there's also Unreal Engine but it needs a very beefy machine in my experience
#Armory3D is also coming along

@ben @TreacherousNexus @rain and there are also the various fantasy consoles, like PICO-8
(afaik Celeste started as a PICO-8 game)

@TreacherousNexus @rain @ben It isn't ridiculous at all. Although the amount of ridicule may differ based on the intricacy of a game.

State machines and basic game engines are really easy concepts that any fairly proficient programmer should be able to master in their programming language of choice.

As a matter of fact: I'm going to do just that in #rustlang. It probably already exists. And I'll ignore that.

@ben if I had more time on my hands, I would make puzzle or mystery games.

Currently to get my fix I buy old Nintendo DS games for a 2DS XL, because they're a) not trying to find ways to rinse me for cash & b) they don't see "being addictive" as a virtue so are not overly repetitive, have a clear "solved" state & are more respectful of my time.

@ben bad advice

this implicates people who are new to making games can just make their dream thing immediately which is inevitably false.

making games inspired by others or making clones of games is FINE and is often used to hash out prototypes and to learn game making to begin with. demonizing such a concept is a bit silly honestly

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