There are three kinds of people in the world:

- People who think AOL instant messenger was better than the chat programs we have now

- People who think IRC was better than the chat programs we have now

- People who are wrong

@ben Please don’t use past tense for IRC. It *is* better. And not even dead, see IRCv3.

@lachs0r IRC still exists, but I haven't seen anyone using it other than a few open source projects

meanwhile most of those open source projects are moving to terrible Discourse forums or Slack or Discord

@ben listen I refuse to hear anything you say unless it's through icq

@ben buddy? msg me on gadugadu, then we'll talk,

@ben What the fuck do you mean "was"? IRC IS and WILL BE.

@Deiru @ben I have full faith that I'll still have most of one monitor dedicated to my irc client long after discord is gone

@Deiru you know how horses were pretty good for transportation

and now horses are still pretty good for transportation

but we also have these metal boxes that kill people and the planet and for some reason people are using those instead

IRC is the horse in this metaphor

the horse can't play a movie for you but if you try to drive a horse into a tree it simply won't

@ben Except when it did when we depended on horses and came up with shit ton of ways to make a horse drive into a tree.

@ben I'd compare IRC more to a hammer than a horse. A horse is obsolete for objective reasons - Cars have more power efficiency, and they never tire.

A hammer is not unlike IRC.
It was, it is, it will be and it still serves it's primary function just as well as IRC does. There are more advanced hammers, but when you need to drive a nail down - you pick hammer. When you need quick and reliable chat - you use IRC.


Here's an article about hammers from my boss, who inspired me to put the first option into this list:

@Deiru @ben so if irc is a regular hammer, what sort of nail-pounding device is discord? a CRT television?

@proto @Deiru probably something like a framed picture of a cat

@proto @ben
I'd say that discord is a hammer store where you can only use that hammer inside the store. And they control how you use it and decide the terms.

@Deiru @proto it's a store that advertises itself as a hammer store but you go in and the only thing they sell is one flavor of canned soup

@ben @Deiru but if you pay extra you can get custom-shaped noodles in it

"Well I can't find them, there's only soup"
"What do you mean there's only soup?"
"I mean there's only soup!"
@Deiru @proto

@aCuteLittleBox @ben @proto



@proto @ben XMPP, then, would be a nail-beating workshop where they provide you with hammers on a more liberal terms and you can also make your own workshop and still share trade secrets with eachother.

@a_breakin_glass remember when Google Hangouts was xmpp back when I thought the world was capable of making sense

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