forms made by cishets are like

Select your gender:
[ ] Gender 1
[ ] Gender 2
[ ] I renamed my gender at some point
[ ] Genders 3 through 7,000,000,000

we should give them forms like

What is your license plate number?
[ ] 000-000
[ ] 000-001
[ ] I drove to work today
[ ] other

cishets who are asking "how can I possibly pick one of these options if the third option exists",

congratulations on figuring it out

@ben *your gender will not be used for anything in our database, we may as well drop that table

@ben what is your phone number?
⚪ 6
⚪ 9
⚪ Africa
⚪ Other, please adhere to the USA format, Canada register on canadian website

@ben tfw most people have license plates 000-000 and 000-001

Remind me, next time I design a system that isn't completely serious, but still requires an account system.. To make all sign-up options this stupid.

@ben no no they're more like this in my experience

[ ] gender 1
[ ] gender 2
[ ] i renamed my gender at some point
[ ] genders 3 through 7,000,000,000, or, i prefer not to respond

which is only slightly different but so much worse

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