This seems like a very sustainable method of adding Mastodon to keybase.

/cc @BestGirlGrace

@ben It is eternally weird to me that they don't just have one button for Mastodon instances and instead they're doing this weird long list and playing favorites

@BestGirlGrace they shouldn't *need* to manually add generic proof providers. Just enter a domain name and if it has the .well-known thing, it should work.

Plus, with the weird "multiple people can share an account on Mastodon but ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON" thing, they don't even need to worry about spam any more than they would for dns and https proofs.

@BestGirlGrace @ben look, I'm not some kind of PROGRAMMER NERD but isn't there a way that you could programmatically check that a proof was publically posted and accessible within activitypub spec?

... I'm a sysadmin nerd, thank you very much.

@kitty @ben See, that's the thing. They published a guide to doing exactly this- adding keybase support to an arbitrary web service you control...

but you still need to get in contact with them so that they'll put your individual website on the list.

@kitty @monorail @Frinkeldoodle @BestGirlGrace

at no point during this process does keybase need to actually have a human look at the domain. even requiring that someone owns the domain on keybase would be way more than enough.

none of the hard-coded proof providers have dots in them, and as far as I know it doesn't support IPv6 addresses and nobody's gonna run one on a TLD, so why not just assume that if there's a dot it's a valid generic proof provider until told otherwise?

@ben @kitty @monorail @Frinkeldoodle Maybe they're building up to full generic proof provider support, I dunno. I do know that getting ghosted is kinda leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

@BestGirlGrace @monorail @kitty @ben They may be getting tripped up over the "illegalpornography" section of your domain name (even though your server doesn't actually contain illegal pornography...)

@Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty @ben I assume that's what happened, since they included a little swipe at "websites with illegal content" in their blog post.

Of course, if they'd talked to me, I'd have been happy to switch to one of my alternate domains, like

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty

I mean it's not like would want to link to any website with the word "illegal" in its na--oh wait

@ben @Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty Discriminated against again for my hilarious taste in domain names. Unappreciated in my own time, like the great artists of yore.

@ben @kitty @monorail @BestGirlGrace to give the devil their due, listing “illegalpornography” in a single user’s profile and listing “illegalpornography” in the published list of websites you can link identities with to everyone that uses keybase are two entirely separate cases

but i will say that the way they seem to be handling all of this is… kind of a mess. they’re going to have to clean this up at some point, and who knows how they’re gonna accomplish that, but if they don’t soon, they’re going to piss more people off and i’m gonna need to use less to properly display the list of services they work with

@monorail @Frinkeldoodle @kitty @BestGirlGrace it's not even that hard to add someone to it, and several other tdwtf editors and admins have keybase accounts

here's the entire process:

@Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty @ben Honestly, it seems like kind of a weird operation they're running over at Keybase

They added this weird cryptocurrency support, but you still can't link a second Twitter or any other kind of account. They must have some serious technical debt to clean up.

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty

but you *can* link multiple DNS or HTTPS proofs, so I have no clue what's going on

yeah I have no idea why they decided to make their crypto currency thing

like does it even have any value? I mean, I've made shitcoin before, and I'll probably be doing it again in the next few weeks, but I don't own a major identity verification service and I'm not planning on attaching it to said service at the hip
@ben @kitty @monorail

@Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty @BestGirlGrace they don't own Stellar, and the idea of this specific cryptocurrency is that it can't be mined

but why though

like that seems like a crypto that lacks all of the intrigue of crypto, that means it's essentially centralized with the central authority having control over the token
@BestGirlGrace @kitty @monorail

@Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty @ben I mean, it's not the worst cryptocurrency out there, but I'm also here like "why did you feel the need to add this to your keyserver"

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle @monorail @kitty bitcoin and zcash were already supported, and I guess the idea is that this one barely requires any processing power and therefore can be cheaply hosted directly?

@BestGirlGrace @kitty @monorail @Frinkeldoodle

my suggestion:

1. create a "generic" service. call it whatever you want. it doesn't matter.
2. delete all Mastodon instance "services" from keybase. move existing proofs to "generic" if possible, otherwise delete them (it's been less than a week, the people who made the proofs are still around)
3. any service requested with a dot in its name is silently forwarded to the "generic" proof provider.

@ben @kitty @monorail @Frinkeldoodle That's what I'm thinking. The infrastructure is already there for that exact thing. Hopefully, they'll do it sooner rather than later.

@ben @kitty @Frinkeldoodle @BestGirlGrace i don't know what you're talking about i just wanted to know what .well-known meeeeeeeans

@monorail @kitty @Frinkeldoodle @BestGirlGrace

it's the name of a folder on websites that it's generally considered acceptable for robots to access without permission

@ben @BestGirlGrace Reading their thing, it seems like they're trying to control it by not accepting "tiny" websites, but... they're still going to wind up with a lot of websites

reason why they're not just adding Mastodon as a single option for all Mastodon instances is because they actually opened the floodgates wide up and you can theoretically make any webapp hook up with keybase

@Frinkeldoodle @ben I mean, they already added Ben's website that's just him, so what the heck

If the floodgates are open, that seems like a reason to not just write down every mastodon instance that's gotten the Keybase Blessing and let anyone with a compatible app paste their URL in there.

@BestGirlGrace @ben wait seriously

i wonder how difficult it'd be to get it into a pleroma instance or an XMPP server, i want and in there now
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