make a video game where the game mechanics yell "fuck you" at the player

make a video game that cannot be classified in any existing genre

@ben Spec Ops: The Line does a pretty good job of going "shoot this person" and then immediately going "yo! What the fuck! Why did you shoot them!?"

@violet any game that gets mad at you for enjoying its own game genre is a fantastic game

@ben Agreed. The entire end monologue of Specs Ops is a teardown of the player for actually playing the game

The quote specifically is "You're here to be something you're not, a hero"

@violet Undertale is about telling the player they are not the hero of the story in many different ways

Deltarune is about telling the player their choices don't actually matter in many different ways

@ben making a game that can, but is an utterly weird example

@ben interactive fiction golf simulator (ok, that exists)

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