I'm thinking I might do a series of posts about characters people should know about even if they don't plan on playing.

Meet Legendary Collector Youngblood.

He's in the northeast corner of the courtyard in Commodore's Quarter in Lion's Arch. If you talk to him, he'll teach you how collections work.

But here's the important part: He is the only one in the game who sells the collectible spoon box.

If you collect all 21 spoons, you will prove that you truly are a Koutalophile.

One of my favorite minor aspects of is that the music isn't just a thing added by the fact that it's a game.

There's actual music being played within the world that interacts with characters and story.

Players have access to a variety of musical instruments, and I've heard real world songs being played in impromptu concerts.

There are even a few legendary weapons that can double as instruments.

@ben brings back warm memories of doing handbell hero around the winter festival

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