thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

I like how half of the responses are "goddamnit ben" and the other half are "wait, what does plethora mean?" even though I already said what it means

@ben maybe I just rly like puns but my sister ran across the room to see why I was wheezing so hard

@lemememeringue I stole this one from a donation comment in the Wind Waker run at AGDQ2019

@LeDiva no, you're thinking of pleroma

plethora means a lot

@LeDiva @ben
No, psoriasis is a similar condition where cell reproduction speeds up. We were talking about plackets.

@riking @ben Plackets? That's a kind of fence they have stereotypically in suburbs.

@ben "hghhhgjhfjhhrhhhhghghghhhhhfhhgh" - actual noise i just made

@ben everyone who laughed at this legally has to move to now.

@ben I heard a lot of people did. A plethora of them even.

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