@ben you're just realizing this???!?!?!

then again, not ALL are communist, as evidenced by the miniboss in that area

@wohali miniboss? You mean the legendary oil spill boss?

@ben well the moleteriate is being taken down by Rasolov...because of corruption.

@ben so yeh I guess I'm thinking of Shukov from Sorrow's Embrace

@wohali that's in Frostgorge Sound, isn't it? This one is in Thunderhead Peaks, which is nowhere near Frostgorge.

@ben sorry, still recovering from anaesthetic, let me see if i can remember wtf i'm talking about other than sorrow's embrace

@wohali No no no. We should go to the armory. That's where Zadorojny is likely to be.

@ben right, ok, I'm thinking of Bore Lynch, in Frostgorge Sound, where the rebellion is ongoing against the commissar.

Haven't tried the new map yet, too much medical going on :(

@ben also i caught you calling me a creepy fangirl :P

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