If I wrote a computer program I would simply not add any bugs.

this sounds like a good idea 

@ben We've been trying that. Not depending on the Bugs library is a good place to start.

@ben the best idea, i should do this to all my programs, just not add the bugs!

Helo i did this pull request and i would like to add some bugs pls merge pls

@ben computer programming is a substractive process in which you remove all bugs until the final program remains.

@ben I tried doing this but then I clumsily spilled an entire jar of baby spiders into my computer

the universe has a way of course-correcting I guess

@ben This is the advice Knuth has been trying to write for all these years
@ben quote from a GDQ recording: "It turns out, making games is hard even when you're not trying to intentionally add in bugs"
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