@00dani brb making a site that has every possible SSN on it

@ben @00dani
then you have people pay money to get theirs removed

@aradinfinity @00dani it gets replaced with "[removed by Person McNamerson]"

@ben how to apply for a mortgage: your 4-step guide

1. flip over the property card
2. tell whichever player is the banker that u are mortgaging the property
3. ???
4. u gotta pay off a mortage now, sucks to be u

@BestGirlGrace "This robot made out of a spare PC that reboots a server by ejecting its CD tray into the power button is DEFINITELY the person I should be emailing about this 7-year-old mortgage question on a completely separate forum website."

@ben I'm more curious about how it got your bot's email address from crawling an unrelated forum thread.

@BestGirlGrace it's not even my bot's email address - it's just the Mastodon address.

The email addresses of all of my bots start with mastodon-

@HAL my favorite part is that the email is addressed to rudigiuliani@llamaslayers.net

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