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:ral::sei:​​Hug Ralsei


I don't know you very well but do you want to collaborate on a Mastodon fork for owls

@kitty hmm, I haven't gone after you to try to get you into GW2 yet, so I'll say this:

@izaliamae did a story mission today where the character pictured here ( said this:

"I'm fine. I'm male, and I'm fine! Now get out of my way before I pull your horns off and shove them up your nose!"

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doing the subtoot thing but with a twist: I'm gonna @ you

favourite this toot and I will fail to subtoot you

Inside you are two wolves.

One is deadly (+200 condition damage, +100 precision)

One is stout (+200 toughness, +100 vitality)

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> npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing.

oh, npm, i assure you,

i have no idea what i am doing

to anyone who thinks it's too hard to earn money in : it is entirely possible to unlock this reward purely by losing a lot of PvP matches

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Ben willing a fediverse guild wars 2 guild into existence has been a very good character arc

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Okay I'm kinda obsessing about gw2 a little thanks @ben

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. . . as if the targeted advertisements on facebook couldn't get any creepier.

(for non-GW2 players, that's level 35)

members of the guild level 1-32: 6

members of the guild level 33-72: 0

members of the guild level 73-79: 1

members of the guild at level cap: 6

so I guess the point at which a player goes "fuck it, I'm gonna keep playing this game until I can do all the cool stuff" is about the same as when you reach Lion's Arch

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:beret_guy: many xkcd links Show more

my character being on fire causing @lynnesbian's laptop to overheat due to too many particle effects is somehow poetic

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