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fuck it, just gonna pin this meta take because it's relevant so often 

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subtooting literally everyone, including myself 

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pinned boundaries post 

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:ral::sei:​​Hug Ralsei

this entire clip gives me hope for humanity

especially the fact that the entire audience knew about the story before he finished announcing it

somehow, always telling the truth has made people distrust me

this is also evidenced by people being very angry at my accurate content warnings

people need to stop thinking I'm joking about stuff like "Violet is the name of the game director's main character" or "the Arkk storyline in Fractals of the Mists ends with Arkk's mother finding a mathematical error in his algorithm and determining that neither of them have ever existed" or "the entire overarching storyline for the last six years has been an elaborate method to set up a dragon saying trans rights and then going to space"

my toot count is slightly higher than my guild wars 2 achievement points and I'm not sure what, if anything, this means

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sorry everybody

you know how they said "everyone makes mistakes"?

well, that's not true

only Blergo makes mistakes

all mistakes are Blergo's fault

is anyone even using #mastodev for development of mastodon or is it just for development on mastodon?

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re: there are no sets of two things (CW: swearing) 

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there are no sets of two things (CW: swearing) 

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Hey I'm grump
I'm not so grump
And we're pilates

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me making a big deal over the content warning in jest, re: eye contact, no face 

Quick question: Why is piñata consistently spelled wrong in the English translation and only the English translation?

eye contact, no face 

the only way anyone can use "cyber" as a noun is if they're using it as a gerund

that's right, all those people who said things like "the hackers are using cyber" and "we need more security in our cyber" are talking about cybering

People keep saying to me as a joke "hey ben when does the third guild war start"

and I always tell them the truth:

the third guild war ended when the catgirls set ascalon on fire at the end of the guild wars: prophecies tutorial

blindfolded person walking into the fediverse: why can't I see any cute people

Quick question for anyone who recently joined #GuildWars2 and is playing through the story to catch up:

Have you been watching the trailers for Living World episodes before playing them?

I'd say that doing so will definitely improve your experience, especially starting with Season 4.

With that said, here's a list of trailers for easy access:

Episode 1: Daybreak
Episode 2: A Bug in the System
Episode 3: Long Live the Lich
Episode 4: A Star to Guide Us
Episode 5: All or Nothing
Episode 6: War Eternal

By the way, Dragon Bash has revealed the canon name and profession of the stand-in for the player character in advertising since Path of Fire:

Name: Duncan
Profession: Engineer


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