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:ral::sei:​​Hug Ralsei

terrible implementations of social safety nets that are more effective than what currently exists Show more

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[Active Directory conference]

every single person who is there: I have made a huge mistake and I believe I am at the wrong conference. I should put my clothes back on.

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me: I wonder if any of my GW2 characters support trans rights

my GW2 characters:

calling people "snowflakes" as an insult Show more

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imagine if the starter polycule is 2 slots and most people just didn't realize adding more slots is free

is there a size limit to the starter polycule

how many people can you have before you need to upgrade to the next tier?

Hey, quick question.

Are you :valid:​?

Don't worry, I won't judge.

I think I'm following too many cute girls

I should find more cute boys to follow

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~Talking to the titular Elf from the movie Elf and stroking some sandpaper~
That's rough, Buddy.

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Is there something to this? Square avatar, header image not obscured, and more obvious action button...


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