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thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

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Font tool update:

- Now supports emoji shortcodes (only custom emoji for now, no unicode shortcodes).
- Supports multi-part custom emoji!
- If you've used the tool before, you will need to refresh your instance's emoji to get it to work.
- Clicking the link from your Mastodon instance's web UI should automatically load your instance's emoji if no emoji have been loaded yet.
- More Unicode fonts!

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:ral::sei:​​Hug Ralsei

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@ben i will never respect any software that uses the term "cmdlet"

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my server is using up a lot of bandwidth sending posts so it's time for me to make a really bad take so I can lose some followers Show more

At this point I'm wondering if most WvW players think you can make a human baby in 3 months if you get 3 women to work together on it.

Do they think that the people who modelled and animated the new mount, made the sounds for it, and programmed the physics would be better off animating balance patches or making sounds for the upcoming alliance update?

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here's my @citrustwee impression

[has her three trillionth birthday and immediately has a mid-life crisis]

do you think anyone would benefit from and/or absolutely hate a system that suggests content warnings based on some kind of AI?

I'm not saying avoid WvW, but if you do go into WvW, bring a friend and be prepared to find the kind of assholes that are usually absent from Guild Wars 2's community.

I checked the first few comments of GW2's most recent content announcement videos, and the Living World video announcing content that made people literally cry had 22 comments before I found one that was remotely negative, and the video above had 16 comments before I found one that was remotely constructive (even though it was still negative like all the ones above it).

So if you're a World versus World main and you want more content added to your favorite game mode, it's well past time to start mobilizing. Make your suggestions be heard over the negativity.

(I also took a quick poll ingame about whether people in WvW were Twitter users and whether they'd heard of the Fediverse and the answer will not surprise you)

Quick poll: how many people here who play Guild Wars 2 play mostly WvW?

I've been in WvW team chat for about two hours now, asking repeatedly what people want ArenaNet to add to the game. So far, here are the responses:

- the balance is bad but I refuse to elaborate on this in any way
- alliances (which ArenaNet has already stated they are working on and are giving progress reports)
- someone said I'm probably 14 years old
- someone called me the R word
- "ArenaNet has not updated World versus World in the last 7 years" despite the game being six and a half years old.


everyone: do you think they would spend thousands of dollars in developer wages building something that nobody wanted?

WvW community: Why couldn't they spend that developer time on content we actually asked for, like balance and better matchmaking?

everyone: you mean the projects they explicitly stated would not be mentioned in this week's WvW update because they are still in progress?

WvW community: literally nobody asked for mounts to be added to WvW

actual WvW community: uh, buddy, maybe sit this one out?

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